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You have stumbled upon one of the remaining pieces of The Internet, without tracking, ads and all other nasty crap. Take a look around!

Chaox is beginning to transition to NordicVM infrastructure!

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Who are we

Right now, Chaox is represented by a very few number of members. if you believe in a free, decentralized and harmonious web, you can take part of this community!

A new journey will begin!

Chaox is finally hosted on a VPS, so nobody will have the authority to control it. Also, it gives me (the owner) more flexibility with what can I do with it. Right now the specs are fairly lackluster (I have not 2, not 1 GB, but 256 MB RAM, yeah), but that won't be such a big issue, since content here is lightweight and minimal. This is a very big step forward from my first provider, can't wait to have this new beginning!

If anyone wants to financially support this website, you can donate via Monero.

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