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You have stumbled upon one of the remaining pieces of The Internet, without tracking, ads and all other nasty crap. Take a look around!

Who are we

Right now, Chaox is represented by just me, Ty3r0X, since I just fired this site on the web :P, but if you believe in a free, decentralized and harmonious web, you can take part of this community!

There is one small problem

I don't have a server :/. Right now I'm hosting on leprd.space (special thanks to lysianthus for providing me the gear to host right now), but my end goal is to self-host (have a server in my room, no joking), but it's going to be a heck of a ton of work configuring it and protecting it, so for starters I'll try to get some pocket money and fire up a VPS. If anyone knows anything about system administration and hosting in general, I would love to know!

If anyone wants to financially support this website, you can donate via Monero.

Contact info

Okay, so initially I played with marquees and GIFs on the homepage, but after seeing Raymond's page I decided it's best not keep it simple. Sorry for provoking any brain damage!