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AS4242422596 (formerly Ty3r0X's Home Network) was initially an experimental network hosted on an
old laptop at my own house. I have learned a lot from those times and made numerous advancements,
and mistakes. So this time, with the plethora of information I've gained throughout this time,
I've decided to extend its purpose from a humble small home network to an important global "backbone"
powered by newer and more correct paradigms and configurations. To all my former and current peers,
thank you for your descision to peer with me :-).

- Ty3r0X (2023)

If you'd like to peer, reach me out at, on XMPP, on Matrix, on Telegram or on Hackint IRC

Node ID Location Endpoint Provider Wireguard public key IPv6 link local Notes
3 Nuremberg, DE RedXen N6qNsK3fAqj9hENxZqUJePnyQMgyrzxoCdKb2xEvzjM= fe80::2596:3 Server hosted in caskd's home basement,
possible jitter issues, blame Vodafone
Endpoint is IPv6 only!
4 Timisoara, RO HostMaze UvJPPpYf1UHzf51qWyLPSGbNYFOUbdVshX9gag0+zU0= fe80::2596:4 Endpoint's IPv6 randomly gets
disconnected, investigating
5 Amsterdam, NL IncogNET sxIWYIrbJKKnUjnQ/SIbcUlhYsBGZcAujnT9Xn5mdFw= fe80::2596:5
6 London, UK Polarian sZppTfJNf/BdC92Uw/xjsx4IGyQpTRU/8wtmuwkEHAg= fe80::2596:6 Server hosted in Polarian's home,
possible issues due to VDSL...
(and dead motherboards)
7 New York, US Racknerd rZYo5BZ4D8Y5VSwCoAI+qDvtBM+HuRtG6YVvR0cZ3gs= fe80::2596:7 Loses babel connection to incognet,
still investigating!
Endpoint is IPv4 only!