What is Chaox?

Chaox is a conglomerate of anons (or not) with the objective of providing a good quality internet community, alongside a couple of services for us. We come in good faith, we remember the web as it once was, and we try our best to recreate that experience.

What does it take to become part of Chaox?

Currently, the userbase is very small, consisting of circa 3 members.. If you want to become a member of Chaox, you must contact Ty3r0X for further info. Webmasters affiliated with Chaox (by linking it on their website or being on a webring) are considered members as well. If abuse will become an issue, this will change to a application-level regime.

What are your aspirations?

Privacy, collaboration, freedom. We are helping fellow members with our aptitudes and services. Currently, due to a lack of people, Chaox serves minimal purpose, but I (the owner, Ty3r0X) am faithful that Chaox will grow, one day.

What languages does Chaox use?

We mainly use English as the main language, but we also speak Romanian (since this is Chaox's country of origin). I (the owner) am still uncertain about how I will connect these two different languages.